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      About us

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      Sichuan Aupone Pharmaceutical Co Ltd is a comprehensive health enterprise specializing in challenging APIs and innovative pharmaceutics. Founded in 2001, Aupone Pharmaceutical is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. Currently, Sichuan Aupone is comprised of several wholly-owned subsidiaries, namely, Chengdu Aupone Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, Chengdu Leer Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, Chengdu Xuzhe Pharmaceutical Technology Co Ltd, and Aupone Pharmaceutical Trading Co Ltd.

      The company operates based on the value of "concentration, aggregation, and innovation", and focuses on the R&D and production of difficult APIs and pharmaceutics. Among them, Aobiqing? Cetirizine Tablets successfully passed the National Consistency Evaluation Program and took the 1st place in the third batch of National Centralized Procurement. In addition, our on-research project Fondaparinux Sodium, featuring with novel synthetic strategy, concise and effective synthetic route, greatly reduced amount of manufacturing cost/waste, and improving the approachability of drugs. In the long term cooperation with famous academic facilities, such as Sichuan University, China Pharmaceutical University, and Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, our research team is made up of academic talents and experienced researchers. Being innovaton oriented, our reseach teams have been in charge of investigation of a number of major science and technology projects of Sichuan Province, and have been granted with a series of invention patents and utility model patents.


      With years of development, Aupone Group has become a unique technology-driven pharmaceutical company. In the future, our target is to accelerate technological innovation, develope international markets, focus on high-end APIs and pharmaceutics, and serve the patents with clinically effective and safer treatment solutions.

      Address:16 Baicao Road, Chengdu, Sichuan, China

      Tel: +028-87843998

      E-mail: aupone@aupone.com

      Company BriefCorporate CultureNews
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